The Beginning

The Beginning @ The Studio


Welcome to my WordPress! Here you will find Music, Production Talk, Tutorials, Tips & Tricks, & MORE!
I’m a 19 Year-Old Digital Video Production Student & Music Enthusiast
I own a Media Production Company (ILLIMINATE VISUALS) & a Independent Music Label (ILL MUSIC).

After Post-Secondary, I plan on taking my Talents and my Business to Miami, New York, California, & Toronto offering Video & Audio Production Services under my Business Name “ILLIMINATEVISUALS”.

I started Video Editing when I was 15. I started off by Editing Call of Duty videos for Friends & ended up making a bit of money from that, roughly $200. I started using Photoshop when I was 16, Designing Logo’s, Avatars, & Background for YouTube Channels. Recently being Introduced into using Camera’s (Canon XA10 & Canon 60D) because of College, I was taught Photography as well as being educated in Videography, Audio Capture, Lighting, Image Processing, & Social Media.

Being Fairly New to Audio Producing/Engineering, I started by helping my Friends Band (Cheers To You) record their EP. We rented a few Mic’s & Cables and got Started. I started by using Logic Pro 9, playing with all the DAW Plugin’s and VST’s that I could get my hands on, doing almost anything to make it Better. I had a Friend give me Tips & Tricks, but he ended up taking over to make the Process Easier. I eventually found out that you’re able to make Professional Quality Beats/Instrumentals in Logic Pro. After getting the hang of things making a few Beats, I was told FL Studio would be in my best Interest to use for Producing. After getting FL Studio, I found a bunch of Sample Packs & VST Instruments to expand my Sound.
After releasing a few Beats, I started finding out my Style; being Trap/Dirty South. I hope to Expand my Genre’s to bring Music for Everyone!

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