Another Day In The Hood – Chase Scene – College First Year Final Project

I decided to upload my Chase Scene to YouTube, after I watched a buddy of mines. Thank-You to my Actor’s K, Steve, & Elijah.

Equipment Used:
– Canon 60D
– Standard Video Tripod
– Audio XLR Adapter
– Rode Shotgun Mic
– 18-55mm Lens
– 50mm Lens (Most Used)
– 70-200mm Lens

Programs Used
– Adobe Bridge
– Adobe Premiere

10-15 Hours went into Filming
15-20 Hours went into Post-Production/Editing
5+ Hours alone went into Audio (Recording Custom Sounds, Mixing, ect.)

I hope you enjoyed as much as I made it.


My Social Media Footprint

Hello Reader,

In Todays Blog, I will be talking about My Social Media Experience & Footprint.

During my time in Social Media Class, I didn’t take or learn much overall, due to myself beingĀ a avid Social Media user prior for both Personal and Business uses.

We created numerous Social Media Accounts across several different Social Media Websites (Facebook Page, Twitter, Linked-in, Behance, About Me), went through Professionalism, Things NOT to do, using a relative Bio, Contact info, Managing Multiple Sites & File Sharing.

Although I personally may not have gotten much from this Course, I feel like Anyone who wasn’t Big into Social Media, really benefitted from this class.

Social Media is a very Popular and VERY effective way to Obtain Traffic & Fans to your Pages.