Found Folios, Professional Photo & Video Networking

Found Folios, Professional Photo & Video Networking

Today, I am going to be talking about some Social Media.

Found Folios is a Professional, Feature Portfolio site that Matches Artists with Creatives. There is no initial cost to sign-up, but however, for any good features, you will want to pull out your Credit Card!

They ask for some personal information, eg: Name, Profession, Company, E-Mail, Telephone, & a Website Link you may use. On Found Folios you are able to uploaded High-Quality Content such as Photographs & Videography, and it is fairly easy to Upload, considering you can sort all your Galleries into Categories. After creating a Account, you are able to Link your Favourite Social Media Accounts such as, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, & More. Their Homepage is really well done, not having too much cluttered, and everything is super easy to read. 

Found Folios didn’t seem to be super strict with their Copyright Policy. You are just told to use the Website for its intended purposes.

Pro = Finding other’s similar or close to your Style of Work.

Con = It is a Professional Website, if you want to reach out to the general public, this is not a place to do so.


I found a Photographer & Videographer by the name of “Tony Garcia”

I browsed around his Found Folios profile for about Thirty Minutes, instantly falling in love with his Work. He is an Award Winning Photographer, born in the wonderful Windy City.

Tony captures outstanding Photographs from Lifestyle – Business/Corporate – Healthcare. He has an amazing Eye for Detail and Colour. 
He also has a list of Specialties, which include, People, Location, Celebrity, Portrait, Motion, Children, & plenty more.


I really hope you give Found Folios a chance if you are a Creative Mind, as well as Check out Photographer & Videography “Tony Garcia”


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