Understanding Online Reputation Management (ORM)

If you’re looking to understand an individual’s Influencing or Business Reputation, then you may want to do some Research on Online Reputation Management (ORM).

Online Reputation Management is basically a Reputation Management System.


The importance in What you say, and how you say it, can easily increase your Chances of being seen or Followed. Being very proficient in your Language and being able to Summarize a Paragraph in only 5-10 words. Don’t be too comfortable with what you say Online, DO NOT type anything that you may not be comfortable telling your own Family.



Learn more about ORM Here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reputation_management


The Battle of Copyright

"The Battle of Copyright"

“The Battle of Copyright”


In my Tuesday’s Social Media Class today, we were discussing “Copyright”.

Copyright can be a very useful tool to success in the Media & Distribution Industry.

(ALT+G = ©)


Copyright can be a super complex and complicated process, since there are multiple different set’s of Rules you have to Follow. All Final Copyright Law-Suit’s and Cases are referred back to the Original Copy and its “Metadata”. I would highly recommend to everyone that distributes Physical & Digital Work, created by them.

Learn more on Copyright: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright

Social Media Podcast – Durham College (PG)

So, we got a new Assignment in Social Media and we had to do a Podcast.

We wanted to record it using a External Microphone we were given a while ago, but we had a few technical difficulties and had to resort to using the Internal Macbook Mic. Adobe Audition CC was the Program we chose to Record and Edit with, which seemed to be a good choice.

Our group discussed things like Inflation, College Prices being High, Bus Pass Price Hikes, & More!
We had a real fun time discussing these Topics and we hope you have a wonderful time Listening.

Overall, I really liked doing this Podcast and I hope to do more in the Future.

Kudos to my Group Members for using their Equipment!


PODCAST LINK – https://soundcloud.com/andrewtaylordc/social-media-podcast-andrew

Found Folios, Professional Photo & Video Networking

Found Folios, Professional Photo & Video Networking

Today, I am going to be talking about some Social Media.

Found Folios is a Professional, Feature Portfolio site that Matches Artists with Creatives. There is no initial cost to sign-up, but however, for any good features, you will want to pull out your Credit Card!

They ask for some personal information, eg: Name, Profession, Company, E-Mail, Telephone, & a Website Link you may use. On Found Folios you are able to uploaded High-Quality Content such as Photographs & Videography, and it is fairly easy to Upload, considering you can sort all your Galleries into Categories. After creating a Account, you are able to Link your Favourite Social Media Accounts such as, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, & More. Their Homepage is really well done, not having too much cluttered, and everything is super easy to read. 

Found Folios didn’t seem to be super strict with their Copyright Policy. You are just told to use the Website for its intended purposes.

Pro = Finding other’s similar or close to your Style of Work.

Con = It is a Professional Website, if you want to reach out to the general public, this is not a place to do so.


I found a Photographer & Videographer by the name of “Tony Garcia”

I browsed around his Found Folios profile for about Thirty Minutes, instantly falling in love with his Work. He is an Award Winning Photographer, born in the wonderful Windy City.

Tony captures outstanding Photographs from Lifestyle – Business/Corporate – Healthcare. He has an amazing Eye for Detail and Colour. 
He also has a list of Specialties, which include, People, Location, Celebrity, Portrait, Motion, Children, & plenty more.


I really hope you give Found Folios a chance if you are a Creative Mind, as well as Check out Photographer & Videography “Tony Garcia”