Amazing & Inspirational Carlsberg Prank/Commercial

In class today I was shown the “Carlsberg Biker Prank”. ( )

Carlsberg did Two things in this Prank/Commercial. They advertised their Beer as well as brought across a message, that was “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

The Production Company which Produced this Commercial did a FANTASTIC job. They captured nothing but the best Camera Angles showing whats going on & peoples reactions. The Audio was phenomenal, able to capture the couples Whispers, and the Lighting was perfect, being able to see the whole movie theatre full of Bikers and facial expressions. 

I really liked the overall message and Production of this short. I advise you to check it out, it may change your view on a few things.


Carlsberg Biker Commercial/Prank – 


Interview – Tate Anderson-Hill

Today I interviewed Tate Anderson-Hill, talking about his Career, Future, & Passion. He is 20 years-old currently studying Digital Photography. Tate came to Durham College from Alberta to study Digital Photography.

Tate was introduced to Photography when he was 12 in Montreal when his Mother handed him a disposable Camera. After walking around the giant, beautiful city taking some snapshots of everything he could see or even lay his eyes on. When he returned his Family & Friends, they were all there to compliment him on the wonderful Photographs he took, and that inspired him to pursue being a Professional Photographer.

College Time came upon Tate, he applied to a few Schools all across North-America for Photography, and got accepted into 3 of them but wasn’t quite ready to go to a Big City (like New York) on his own, so Durham College seemed to be the best fit because it’s closer to Home and has only been to Ontario once for a Canada’s Wonderland Family Trip! (Welcome Tate!)

Tate has always been a big fan of the Nikon D-3200, even before he bought his first DSLR. Tate said he wouldn’t recommend buying the DSLR if you are into Filming/Videography. It fits all his needs! settings are optimal, a durable camera (he’s dropped it a few times), and always gets a professional Quality Photograph. He has always been a user of the brand Nikon and Plans to never change that! (Unless Film camera’s are in the conversation). He loves taking Photograph’s of People and Nature. Loving to just walk around a colourful Forrest snapping Photos that he may not even use until later on in his Career.

After finishing Post-Secondary in 2015, he hopes to obtain a second Post-Secondary Degree, which is still undecided at this moment but Tate hopes to move to the United States of America in hopes to become a Forensic Photographer. Tate said if that doesn’t work out he would like to work as a Professional Freelance Global Photographer. Wanting to Travel the World and take Photographs of things that the Human Eye may not see again. Wanting to Photograph Africa, Brazil, Mexico, and more; Tate won’t rest until this is done.

After having a nice long conversation with Tate Anderson-Hill i’ve had nothing but good vibes with this guy! He makes you want to even join him on his Career path to glory. There is no ceiling on his Talent, the things he can do is limitless, dresses pristine, and always clean. I wish nothing but the best to this Guy and his Career, as well as the people he inspires in his Future.

You can find Tate Anderson-Hill on most Social Network Sites, or just by googling “Tate Anderson-Hill Photography”.
There you can find his Highlighted Work, Pricing, Biography, & Contact Page!

I am more than glad we got to sit down and talk about something’s that we both love!
I hope to meet him again to see where his Career and Goals have went.

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