Another Day In The Hood – Chase Scene – College First Year Final Project

I decided to upload my Chase Scene to YouTube, after I watched a buddy of mines. Thank-You to my Actor’s K, Steve, & Elijah.

Equipment Used:
– Canon 60D
– Standard Video Tripod
– Audio XLR Adapter
– Rode Shotgun Mic
– 18-55mm Lens
– 50mm Lens (Most Used)
– 70-200mm Lens

Programs Used
– Adobe Bridge
– Adobe Premiere

10-15 Hours went into Filming
15-20 Hours went into Post-Production/Editing
5+ Hours alone went into Audio (Recording Custom Sounds, Mixing, ect.)

I hope you enjoyed as much as I made it.


My Social Media Footprint

Hello Reader,

In Todays Blog, I will be talking about My Social Media Experience & Footprint.

During my time in Social Media Class, I didn’t take or learn much overall, due to myself being a avid Social Media user prior for both Personal and Business uses.

We created numerous Social Media Accounts across several different Social Media Websites (Facebook Page, Twitter, Linked-in, Behance, About Me), went through Professionalism, Things NOT to do, using a relative Bio, Contact info, Managing Multiple Sites & File Sharing.

Although I personally may not have gotten much from this Course, I feel like Anyone who wasn’t Big into Social Media, really benefitted from this class.

Social Media is a very Popular and VERY effective way to Obtain Traffic & Fans to your Pages.

Understanding Online Reputation Management (ORM)

If you’re looking to understand an individual’s Influencing or Business Reputation, then you may want to do some Research on Online Reputation Management (ORM).

Online Reputation Management is basically a Reputation Management System.


The importance in What you say, and how you say it, can easily increase your Chances of being seen or Followed. Being very proficient in your Language and being able to Summarize a Paragraph in only 5-10 words. Don’t be too comfortable with what you say Online, DO NOT type anything that you may not be comfortable telling your own Family.



Learn more about ORM Here –

The Battle of Copyright

"The Battle of Copyright"

“The Battle of Copyright”


In my Tuesday’s Social Media Class today, we were discussing “Copyright”.

Copyright can be a very useful tool to success in the Media & Distribution Industry.

(ALT+G = ©)


Copyright can be a super complex and complicated process, since there are multiple different set’s of Rules you have to Follow. All Final Copyright Law-Suit’s and Cases are referred back to the Original Copy and its “Metadata”. I would highly recommend to everyone that distributes Physical & Digital Work, created by them.

Learn more on Copyright:


Social Media Podcast – Durham College (PG)

So, we got a new Assignment in Social Media and we had to do a Podcast.

We wanted to record it using a External Microphone we were given a while ago, but we had a few technical difficulties and had to resort to using the Internal Macbook Mic. Adobe Audition CC was the Program we chose to Record and Edit with, which seemed to be a good choice.

Our group discussed things like Inflation, College Prices being High, Bus Pass Price Hikes, & More!
We had a real fun time discussing these Topics and we hope you have a wonderful time Listening.

Overall, I really liked doing this Podcast and I hope to do more in the Future.

Kudos to my Group Members for using their Equipment!




Found Folios, Professional Photo & Video Networking

Found Folios, Professional Photo & Video Networking

Today, I am going to be talking about some Social Media.

Found Folios is a Professional, Feature Portfolio site that Matches Artists with Creatives. There is no initial cost to sign-up, but however, for any good features, you will want to pull out your Credit Card!

They ask for some personal information, eg: Name, Profession, Company, E-Mail, Telephone, & a Website Link you may use. On Found Folios you are able to uploaded High-Quality Content such as Photographs & Videography, and it is fairly easy to Upload, considering you can sort all your Galleries into Categories. After creating a Account, you are able to Link your Favourite Social Media Accounts such as, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, & More. Their Homepage is really well done, not having too much cluttered, and everything is super easy to read. 

Found Folios didn’t seem to be super strict with their Copyright Policy. You are just told to use the Website for its intended purposes.

Pro = Finding other’s similar or close to your Style of Work.

Con = It is a Professional Website, if you want to reach out to the general public, this is not a place to do so.


I found a Photographer & Videographer by the name of “Tony Garcia”

I browsed around his Found Folios profile for about Thirty Minutes, instantly falling in love with his Work. He is an Award Winning Photographer, born in the wonderful Windy City.

Tony captures outstanding Photographs from Lifestyle – Business/Corporate – Healthcare. He has an amazing Eye for Detail and Colour. 
He also has a list of Specialties, which include, People, Location, Celebrity, Portrait, Motion, Children, & plenty more.


I really hope you give Found Folios a chance if you are a Creative Mind, as well as Check out Photographer & Videography “Tony Garcia”

Amazing & Inspirational Carlsberg Prank/Commercial

In class today I was shown the “Carlsberg Biker Prank”. ( )

Carlsberg did Two things in this Prank/Commercial. They advertised their Beer as well as brought across a message, that was “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

The Production Company which Produced this Commercial did a FANTASTIC job. They captured nothing but the best Camera Angles showing whats going on & peoples reactions. The Audio was phenomenal, able to capture the couples Whispers, and the Lighting was perfect, being able to see the whole movie theatre full of Bikers and facial expressions. 

I really liked the overall message and Production of this short. I advise you to check it out, it may change your view on a few things.


Carlsberg Biker Commercial/Prank – 

Interview – Tate Anderson-Hill

Today I interviewed Tate Anderson-Hill, talking about his Career, Future, & Passion. He is 20 years-old currently studying Digital Photography. Tate came to Durham College from Alberta to study Digital Photography.

Tate was introduced to Photography when he was 12 in Montreal when his Mother handed him a disposable Camera. After walking around the giant, beautiful city taking some snapshots of everything he could see or even lay his eyes on. When he returned his Family & Friends, they were all there to compliment him on the wonderful Photographs he took, and that inspired him to pursue being a Professional Photographer.

College Time came upon Tate, he applied to a few Schools all across North-America for Photography, and got accepted into 3 of them but wasn’t quite ready to go to a Big City (like New York) on his own, so Durham College seemed to be the best fit because it’s closer to Home and has only been to Ontario once for a Canada’s Wonderland Family Trip! (Welcome Tate!)

Tate has always been a big fan of the Nikon D-3200, even before he bought his first DSLR. Tate said he wouldn’t recommend buying the DSLR if you are into Filming/Videography. It fits all his needs! settings are optimal, a durable camera (he’s dropped it a few times), and always gets a professional Quality Photograph. He has always been a user of the brand Nikon and Plans to never change that! (Unless Film camera’s are in the conversation). He loves taking Photograph’s of People and Nature. Loving to just walk around a colourful Forrest snapping Photos that he may not even use until later on in his Career.

After finishing Post-Secondary in 2015, he hopes to obtain a second Post-Secondary Degree, which is still undecided at this moment but Tate hopes to move to the United States of America in hopes to become a Forensic Photographer. Tate said if that doesn’t work out he would like to work as a Professional Freelance Global Photographer. Wanting to Travel the World and take Photographs of things that the Human Eye may not see again. Wanting to Photograph Africa, Brazil, Mexico, and more; Tate won’t rest until this is done.

After having a nice long conversation with Tate Anderson-Hill i’ve had nothing but good vibes with this guy! He makes you want to even join him on his Career path to glory. There is no ceiling on his Talent, the things he can do is limitless, dresses pristine, and always clean. I wish nothing but the best to this Guy and his Career, as well as the people he inspires in his Future.

You can find Tate Anderson-Hill on most Social Network Sites, or just by googling “Tate Anderson-Hill Photography”.
There you can find his Highlighted Work, Pricing, Biography, & Contact Page!

I am more than glad we got to sit down and talk about something’s that we both love!
I hope to meet him again to see where his Career and Goals have went.

Be sure to check out our Official Website!




Herbert “Herb” Ritts

Djimon with Octopus, Hollywood

“Djimon with Octopus” Photography by: Herbert “Herb” Ritts Djimon with Octopus, Hollywood

Herbert “Herb” Ritts was a American Fashion Photographer who is known for shooting in black-and-white. He was Directed many inspiring Music Videos with the Nations Top Artists, and has done many successful commercials.

Starting his Career in the 70’s, Herb Ritts has broken many barriers in the Visuals Industry.

Herbert “Herb” Ritts FaceBook Page –

Using 3rd Party Twitter Applications To Share Multimedia.

Using 3rd Party Twitter Applications such as TwitPic allows you to upload GIF, JPEG, PNG Images up to 10MB in size, & Videos up to 3:00 Minutes in length (In most Formats). After Uploading your Multimedia, You’re first asked if you want to add your Location to your Post. The Final process is a 114 Character Limit describing what you are Sharing. Finally, the Multimedia is shared to your Twitter Page.

Using 3rd Party Applications for Multimedia isn’t typically used, since Twitter enables you to Upload a Photo or Paste a URL into a Tweet via Twitter.

The only benefit I could really see using TwitPic, is that when you Upload your Multimedia it has a Possibility of bringing New Traffic to your Twitter.